Asset Management Through Proven Academic Principles


Lindner Capital Advisors applies proven principles of the Nobel Prize-winning Financial Science to asset management. In order to help achieve superior results, we scientifically design individualized portfolios for our clients to be consistent with key parameters, such as their personal tolerance for risk, investment objectives, and time horizons. Our proprietary methods call for investing with select, low cost, asset-class institutional portfolio managers, including Dimensional Fund Advisors and Goldman Sachs. This allows us to provide our clients with only the highest quality investment options available.

The video below gives you some insight to the REST acronym and will help you consider the question “Should you outsource your back office to improve profitability and get control of your life?”

Relationship.  Advisors have a strong one with their clients.  Find a provider that is committed to you and your practice.

Education.  Find someone who can help you improve your knowledge to help your clients and improve your practice management.

Service.  You should expect a “Ritz Carlton Gold Standard” experience.

Technology.  Only the best to help you add and maintain clients and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your staff.

You can REST ASSURED that Lindner Capital Advisors can improve your efficiency, improve your profitability, and add value to your practice.


Engineer Your
Portfolio Risk
To Fit You!

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REST Assured in Lindner Capital Advisors
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CEFEX for 2014

Lindner Capital Advisors has been CEFEX certified since 2006.  This thorough examination of our policies and procedures and subsequent certification confirms LCA’s commitment to the highest standard of fiduciary responsibility.
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